Saturday, March 9, 2013

ReUSE in your Garden

Below is a collection of my favorite spring DIY reUSE gardening projects!!! Along with photos and descriptions, for the more difficult projects I have provided links to tutorials as well. 
Have fun and email me to share your DIY reUSE projects! Check out my other DIY themed project pages too (see links bar to the right). Thanks :)

Wood Pallet Planter
becomes the perfect raised garden

Recycled Pallet Garden Planter

Garden Markers
spice up the garden :)


Keyboard Garden
reUSE your old keyboard as a fun garden


Wine Bottle Edging
I just did this in my garden :)

Fabulous Bottle Fence
makes an artistically beautiful screen 

Cinderblock Planting Wall
jazzes up a boring concrete retaining wall

Drawer Planters
my friend did this last summer. She was living in rental house and used old drawers to make her portable garden. It worked out wonderfully!

Colander Hanging Basket
what a great idea!

Playful Planting Vessels
made from colorfully painted tin and aluminum cans become 


ReUSE ideas for SEEDLINGS......

Seedling Planters 
made from toilet paper rolls.  

The bottom of the rolls are cut and folded over on the bottom.

Seed Starting Vessels
made from milk cartons

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