Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bike Parts ReUSE

Put those old bike parts you have sitting around to creative reUSE with the ideas below. Please post your own fun ideas too!

Waterproof journal perfect for the Northwest 
made from bike tire inner tubes

Chain Necklace
Take apart those broken bike chains and make this sweet necklace!

Spinning Bike Wheel Pot Holder
Save space and organize your pots

Creative Jewelry 
made from bike tire inner tubes. 

Bike Tube Purse

Great tutorial on making an awesome purse from bike tire inner tubes. Using this basic method you can go for many different looks. Great patterns available with a quick google search.

Bike Chain Bowl

Turn your old broken bike chain into a fun bowl.

Tea Light Holders

Brilliant tea light holders!

Fun Necklace

Handy Tool Roll

This is a handy tool roll. Nice and waterproof would also make a great a brush or pen roll. 


Rust Proof Bike Chain

Rust proof and heavy duty protection to chain your bike.


Waterproof Sandals

These waterproof and durable sandals are actually made from old car tires. Very clever.

Another tutorial for trendy sandals made from car tires and bike inner tubes.

THANKS for viewing DIY Bike Parts ReUSE...check out my other fun DIY posts!!!

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