Saturday, March 9, 2013

ReUSE in your Garden

Below is a collection of my favorite spring DIY reUSE gardening projects!!! Along with photos and descriptions, for the more difficult projects I have provided links to tutorials as well. 
Have fun and email me to share your DIY reUSE projects! Check out my other DIY themed project pages too (see links bar to the right). Thanks :)

Wood Pallet Planter
becomes the perfect raised garden

Recycled Pallet Garden Planter

Garden Markers
spice up the garden :)


Keyboard Garden
reUSE your old keyboard as a fun garden


Wine Bottle Edging
I just did this in my garden :)

Fabulous Bottle Fence
makes an artistically beautiful screen 

Cinderblock Planting Wall
jazzes up a boring concrete retaining wall

Drawer Planters
my friend did this last summer. She was living in rental house and used old drawers to make her portable garden. It worked out wonderfully!

Colander Hanging Basket
what a great idea!

Playful Planting Vessels
made from colorfully painted tin and aluminum cans become 


ReUSE ideas for SEEDLINGS......

Seedling Planters 
made from toilet paper rolls.  

The bottom of the rolls are cut and folded over on the bottom.

Seed Starting Vessels
made from milk cartons

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bike Parts ReUSE

Put those old bike parts you have sitting around to creative reUSE with the ideas below. Please post your own fun ideas too!

Waterproof journal perfect for the Northwest 
made from bike tire inner tubes

Chain Necklace
Take apart those broken bike chains and make this sweet necklace!

Spinning Bike Wheel Pot Holder
Save space and organize your pots

Creative Jewelry 
made from bike tire inner tubes. 

Bike Tube Purse

Great tutorial on making an awesome purse from bike tire inner tubes. Using this basic method you can go for many different looks. Great patterns available with a quick google search.

Bike Chain Bowl

Turn your old broken bike chain into a fun bowl.

Tea Light Holders

Brilliant tea light holders!

Fun Necklace

Handy Tool Roll

This is a handy tool roll. Nice and waterproof would also make a great a brush or pen roll. 


Rust Proof Bike Chain

Rust proof and heavy duty protection to chain your bike.


Waterproof Sandals

These waterproof and durable sandals are actually made from old car tires. Very clever.

Another tutorial for trendy sandals made from car tires and bike inner tubes.

THANKS for viewing DIY Bike Parts ReUSE...check out my other fun DIY posts!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plastic Bottles ReUSE

!!! Plastic Bottles !!!
There are too many plastic bottles discarded everyday. Time to put another man's trash to good use. Here are some beautiful reuse ideas :) 

For each project image, I have included links to tutorials and/or additional information. All of these projects can be done at home and require few additional materials to construct.

Please post your own great plastic reuse bottle projects! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Cascading flowers = These beautiful cascading flowers were designed by the amazing artist Michelle Brand using the bottoms of plastic bottles. All that is needed to construct this beautiful display is scissors, clear plastic bottles, some sort of punching tool, and string. See the below tutorial for details. 


JOY = This lovely plastic bottle coin purse is sure to bring joy to your day. It was designed by the artist Zitta Schnitt. She has been so kind to provide a tutorial for public use (see below). All you need is scissors, 2 x 2 liter bottles, thread, a needle, and a zipper. :)


Green = This plastic bottle greenhouse is a affordable and unique way to store your seedlings and other precious greens, with a bonus of impressing your neighbors and friends. Below is a fantastic tutorial. 


TINY GREENS = This little plastic bottle herb garden only requires scissors, soil, seeds, a few plastic bottles, and a wee bit of patience. See below for a tiny tutorial.


Funky = This funky mobile was designed by an European artist. I cannot find his name so if you know please post. It looks like he used fishing line, a punch, scissors, a plastic bottle or two, and perhaps an iron. 


EFFICIENTLY AESTHETIC = Recycled plastic bottles can be wall mounted to create a clever and efficient newspaper holder. Scissors, screws, a punched metal strip, plastic bottles, and a drill will likely do the trick. It also looks like a rubber strip of sorts was added for extra support.


PARTY = These fantastic plastic bottle blossom lights were designed by the fabulous artist Michelle Brand. LED lights, scissors, a punch, plastic bottles, and glue are the required ingredients.


LIGHT IT UP = Light up your favorite room with this brilliant chandelier designed by Michelle Brand. All you need is scissors, plastic bottles, fishing line, a punch, and patience.


THE SOUND OF SILENCE = Create an indoor plastic bottle wall divider to add privacy and muffle distraction in any room. This wall will help maintain a sense of spaciousness yet provide enough barrier to invoke privacy. See below for a fantastic tutorial.