Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wine Bottle ReUSE

Here are some fun ideas on how to reuse old wine bottles. I have included links to tutorials and descriptions. Have fun and please post your own wine bottle reuse ideas!


FUNKY = Create funky glassware by cutting and 
sandblasting old wine bottles. There are various at home methods for cutting wine bottles. YouTube has many tutorials. My favorite involves a glass etcher and cold/hot water.


 FRESH = Wine bottles cut with lighting threaded 
through make a creative and fresh hanging light. This one was designed by Yoon Bahk.


LOVELY = Melted wine bottle glass makes lovely pendants.


TRENDY = These bottles have been painted, sandblasted, cut, and had lighting threaded through to create trendy hanging lights.


BOHO = Wine bottles cut and glued to a 
wood base make funky boho wine glasses. 
These lovelies were designed by Laurence Brabant.

ILLUMINATIVE = Wine bottles made into torch lamps can turn any backyard into a little personal haven.


PRACTICAL = Cut wine bottles glued to wood rods 
create practical and beautiful garden tools.


ELEGANT = Wine bottles can be cut and made into 
vase terrariums for elegant occasions.



UNIQUE = Wine bottles cut and placed upside down 
create a jazzy unique table.


SPRING = Wine bottles cut into vases 
show off Spring's lovelies :)


LOVELY = Wine bottles mounted to the wall and 
used as lovely vases.

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