Sunday, March 27, 2011

Burlap ReUSE

!!! BURLaP Love !!!
I have gathered some great ideas on how to use recycled burlap to make splendid and practical items. Please share your creative burlap craft ideas! :)


 CLEAN = You can get this lovely burlap laundry bag 


FASTEN = Use recycled burlap to tie together your 
lovely bouquet of fresh flowers.


GIFT = Use recycled burlap to make lovely bags for gifts or storage. Bliss Weddings Market has a fantastic tutorial.


LOVELY = Jazz up your table settings. Maya Made has a great tutorial on how to make this lovely napkin ring out of burlap.


FUNKY = For a funky fun look, use recycled burlap to upholster ottomans or other furniture.


GROW = Sew together recycled burlap to create fun planters to grow


LIVEN = Liven any room and recycle your burlap by making 
these brilliant burlap pillows. 

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